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Collaboration with BAROKTHEGREAT.
Barok (the origin) (2008) made for the Avignon festival and then reconceived for the Salone d'Onore in the Boldini Museum in Ferrara. The figure is an interpreter who translates her thought into a physical writing. Barok (the origin) is a movement that never stops, that is continually regenerated because of being driven by a pulsating and obstinate rhythm, by explosive forces such as thought, illness, indecision, the unexpected and the exception.

Photo:Christophe Raynaud de Lage




Collaboration with BAROKTHEGREAT.


GHOST (2018) takes inspiration from the footwork culture created in Chicago towards the end of the 1990s. It takes on the form of a process of slow abstraction, in which Brunelli brings out the most fantasmatic aspect of the legs and feet of a dancing body; limbs that seem to come to life on their own coming out of the body, under the command of a beat in turn accelerated compound and generated by a Roland TR-8S drum machine.

Photo:Lorenza Daveri

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