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The self-promoting meta fiction of OPERATION INFINITY (part terrorist cell/part theatre producer) was first known to present THE INFINITE PLEASURES OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN: a live re-creation

of Fritz Lang’s 1933 film The Testament of Dr Mabuse. The Infinite Pleasures was advertised as “a mesmerising show of terror for our time” and thought to be first reviewed as far back as 1922. It continues to be presented as a mesmeric looping that is endlessly caught in the act of both advertising and reproducing itself.


From this work OPERATION INFINITY then went on to present three new live shows that were conceptual wormholes from this extended fiction.


CLUB EXTINCTION is a viral reconstruction of Claude Chabrol’s film Dr. M. in which Dr Mabuse, through a projected form of social media, leads society towards a cultural suicide pact.


LUXURIANT: Within The Reign of Anticipation presents a failed reconstruction of the film Gold Diggers of 1933 – the back-stage musical show that bankrupts itself during its rehearsals. This work is held between the desperate expectation of escapist entertainment and abject pornography.


KING REAL AGAINST THE GUIDELINES presents a re-enactment of the storm scenes of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy King Lear - having been continuously re-interpreted through on-line translation software. The work is declaimed from a rolling auto cue in an empty theatre as a perpetual attempt to find meaning.


As a subsidiary to OPERATION INFINITY, THE OUROBOROS RECORDINGS are covert digital recordings made at live events set up only to capture the image of the audience present. These include: THE



All the live works within OPERATION INFINITY are performed by members of the ever expanding TROUPE MABUSE: an out of work theatre company who, beyond their will are now captured within the control of the invisible force of the organisation. Their

bodies are bursting and empty skin, inhabiting extreme physicality’s of abandoned possession. They are there to be viewed and projected upon. Their bodies resonators of the perfect storm.


OPERATION INFINITY presents a state of emergency and forgetting. Through the ultimate control of the fictional Dr Mabuse* the different works become acts of translation. The constructs of film, theatre, dance and visual arts are used to re-examine an idea of degraded expressionism. Against the expectation of entertainment, Dr Mabuse creates a theatre of war that celebrates the death of reality.


Dr Mabuse’s quest for GLOBAL DOMINATION now continues…


A FUGUE STATE OF THEATRE HOSTED ON THE INTERNET is the live web portal through which the work of OPERATION INFINITY can now be viewed and hidden within that the porn site of Filthy Lucre.


Seen here for the first time against each other these different works become an elaborate choreography of chaos, possibility and

prophecy. An investigation into the act of looking and the crimes of representation.


This is The Modern Dance.


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* In Fritz Lang’s three films; Dr Mabuse, the Gambler (1922), The Testament of Dr Mabuse (1933) and The Thousand Eyes of Dr Mabuse (1961) Dr Mabuse is a highly respected psychiatrist who leads a secret double life as a master criminal, psychic shape-shifter and brilliant master of disguise who’s only desire is to see the obliteration of civilization. He uses his powers of mindreading, hypnotism, and possession to instil a reign of terror throughoutsociety in an attempt to bring its demise through economic ruin.


Andrew Downs

Oli Evans

Davide Franceschini

Christa Holka

Henrik Thorup Knudsen

Luca Del Pia

Pau Ros

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