The Exquisite Corpse is a work currently in development.


It is a collaboration between thirteen artists and theatre practitioners who do not know of each other.


In their isolation they are compiling an evolving text or series of stage directions; instructions to be translated into a show at a later date. In an online folder they leave posts to be read by each other; each one a response to the last. Each one affecting the continuous changes of this future production. An ever-expanding map of rhizomatic future consequences!


This text, they know will be performed, perhaps in a theatre, if there are any theatre’s left by then…


The Exquisite Corpse began on the 30th March 2020.

It will continue until it is safe to come out.



The live development of this work will remain hidden from view until the final production. In the meantime, a number of writers have been invited in to view the work in progress. They will try and divine what is emerging and what this final show maybe as a consequence. Their reports, wonderings and predictions will be made public at a future date soon.