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The Exquisite Corpse is a work in progress that was developed during the first lock-down in 2019.


It is a collaboration between thirteen artists who began to work together anomalously.


In their isolation they compiled together an evolving text or series of stage directions; instructions to be translated into a show at a later date. In an online folder they left posts to be read by each other; each one a response to the last. Each one affecting the continuous changes of this future production.

The Thirteen knew that what they were producing was a text that would be translated and performed in a theatre some time in the future.An ever-expanding map of rhizomatic future consequences!


What evolved over this eight week period was a complex text of 51scenes.


Amanda Hadingue

Andrew Hardwidge


Frances Scott

Kath Duggan

Lucia Amara

Luis Guerra

Luke Stoneham

Peter Mills

Rose English

Simon Vincenzi

Tim Spooner

Will Saunders

The Exquisite Corpse was developed from a research period entitled The War Machine. Part 1 was with Luis Guerra in collaboration with Estúdios Victor Córdon, Lisbon. Part 2 was with Lucia Amara, Valentina Formenti and BAROKTHEGREAT in collaboration with Queen May University.

The Interval

Written as a parallel text to The Exquisite Corpse was a play called The Interval. Following the sudden (fictional) death of twelve of The Thirteen, The Interval developed as the adventures of the only remaining member, Luis Guerra, alone behind the theatre curtain during the interval of The Exquisite Corpse.

The Diviner

The Diviner became a character that artists and commentators were invited to write about the what they saw in the developing process of The Exquisite Corpse. They wrote in the different voices of this imagined character.  Of the pandemic time it was being developed in  and the possible imagined future of this theatre work.








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