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The Exquisite Corpses are a series of experimental theatre texts made in collaboration with other directors, writers, performers and artists. They explore decentralised narratives made between the different collaborators. The process insist that no one person is able to take a controlling voice, a definitive point of view, but instead develop a rhizomatic structure that allows for a multitude of interpretation…

Exquisite Corpse # 1a



Exquisite Corpse # 1b

The Harbinger

Text: Luis Guerra/Simon Vincenzi

7-11 October 2019

in association with Estúdios Victor Córdon, Lisbon.



Exquisite Corpse # 2

Nomadic Intermezzo

Text: Lucia Amara/Valentina Formenti/Frances Scott with BAROKTHEGREAT

7th October – 2nd March 2020

in association with Queen Marys University, London.



Exquisite Corpse # 3

The Exquisite Corpse (The Thirteen)

Text: Amanda Hadingue/Andrew Hardwidge/BAROKTHEGREAT/Frances Scott/Kath Duggan/Lucia Amara/Luis Guerra/Luke Stoneham/Peter Mills/Rose English/Simon Vincenzi/Tim Spooner/Will Saunders

29th March – 21st June 2020



Exquisite Corpse # 4

The Interval

Text: Undisclosed Participants

29th June – 29th August 2020



Exquisite Corpse # 5

An Exquisite Corpse (towards opening night)

Text: Gill Addison/Kath Duggan/Daniel Oliver/Simon Vincenzi


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